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Mobile Application

By 2021, mobile app downloads are anticipated to touch 258 billion, which would be a 45% growth over 2017. Your business would surely want to have its share of this market. According to another study, smartphones accounted for 70% of time spent on digital media in the U.S. A recent 2021 survey found 46% of the respondents spent 5 to 6 hours on average on their phones daily, which didn’t include their work-related smartphone use. Can you imagine what a well-built mobile app can do by capturing this sizable audience and bringing it into the fold?

Whether you belong to the service industry or run a retail business, you just can’t ignore the importance of having your own mobile app in today’s competitive marketplace. When you have a mobile app for your business, it will let your customers reach you easily and connect with your brand conveniently, even when they’re on the go. By making your business and brand accessible from everyone’s hand, you’ll be able to rapidly boost your customer engagement rate and give your customers a new and interesting way of connecting with your business.

  • Additionally, you’ll end up encouraging select actions (purchases, e-book downloads, submitting personal details, etc) and even forge a strong network of relationships. But all these would happen only when your mobile app functions properly, is easily accessible, provides a great user experience on the whole, and adheres to regulatory and industry standards. You can ensure this by choosing WhizCloud as your mobile app development services provider.

    Our Mobile Application Development Services

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    Before you decide to get a mobile app developed for your business, you should know more about what the mobile app development lifecycle at WhizCloud involves. This would let you make an informed decision.

5-Step Mobile Application
Development Lifecycle at WhizCloud


After understanding your business requirements, our team will conduct market research and create user personas, followed by laying down a strategy for building your mobile application.


During this stage, our team’s core focus would be on two aspects – UI (user interface) and functionality. The UI would deal with what your users will see in the app and how they’ll interact with its elements such as features, functions, content, etc. The application’s functionality aspect would put emphasis on how the app works in reality and what your users can do with it. Once you approve the design, we’ll move to the next stage.


The first phase would involve creating prototypes of the mobile application. These are quick builds that we’ll use to assess design ideas before going ahead with the actual development process. After we iron out the initial problems with the app prototype, we begin the build process.

Mobile app development involves two parts – front-end development and back-end development. Front-end mobile app development includes screen design for various mobile layouts in addition to app screen integration with the back-end. Back-end development includes business logic and API layer in addition to data storage and retrieval.

Testing and QA

Our dedicated QA analysts will test your app to ensure it works just as it should. If not, it’ll be sent back to the developers to fix the issues and kinks and even debug potential issues, after which it’ll be tested again. At WhizCloud, we’ll thoroughly test your mobile app with respect to integration, function, security, user acceptance, usability, and more via automation and manual testing tools to optimize your app performance.


We’ll let you publish your app on the Apple iTunes App Store (for Apple iOS apps) or Google Play Store (for Android apps).

To ensure your mobile app continues to function optimally beyond its initial release, we also offer continual and proactive maintenance services. Reach us today to get your custom mobile app developed by our experts!


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