With the API development services of WhizCloud, you can improve your user experience, boost the popularity of your applications, and facilitate user’s control over different applications. From APIs for mobile applications and web applications to those for the cloud, our API development services that serve a wide range of industries can enrich your web and mobile applications to suit your varying business models and requirements.

There are several reasons to choose our API development services, some of which are:

  • Opening of new streams to monetize your business
  • Enjoying a competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Creation of new channels to boost user acquisition
  • Standardized partner communications
  • Better focus on your core business values
  • Streamlining of different internal operations
  • Improved end-user experience
  • Better suited to comply with government and industry rules and regulations
  • Our API Development Services

With WhizCloud, you can take your pick from:

APIs are essentially changing how data can be used and throwing open completely new business strategies and models that your products and services can benefit from. With our API development services, you can create customized APIs and facilitate their flexible integrations with your existing systems or third-party APIs to enrich and enhance your products and services in newer and more innovative ways.

Whether you need APIs for public use, internal (or private) use, or for business partnerships, our API developers can build them all.

5-Step API
Development Lifecycle at WhizCloud

Planning and Design

This stage involves mapping out the different resources and operations required together with the business case scenarios where the API would be implemented. As a lot of interdependent digital strategies rely on APIs, you need to have a solid plan and design in place to implement them. Once the plan and design are approved by the client, we move onto the next stage.


Based on the plan and design crafted at the previous stage, our developers will now focus on developing and implementing the API. This involves deploying API proxies to environments and promoting them to production once the proxies have been fully implemented and tested.


We use API load testing tools (such as LoadUI) and functional testing tools (such as SoapUI) to test the API performance and functionality in pre-production environments. All our APIs are thoroughly tested and monitored for performance issues.


We’ll help in the deployment of your API to a secure environment (depending on its type, which could be public, private, or partner API) for facilitating its easy discovery and consumption.


In your API lifecycle, deprecation is a natural process. It’s that stage where you’ll either stop support for your API’s version or discontinue the entire API itself. It’s important to always inform your end consumers of a deprecated API. No matter what approach you take to build your APIs, our developers can build a reliable and consumer-friendly tool to organize your API lifecycle the right way, which could become a significant game-changer for you in the modern digital economy.

Reach us today to discuss your API development needs to find how we can help you fast-track your business and take it to the next level.


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